Thursday, 2 February 2012

What is Love without Trust? by Harry Teh

What is Love without Trust?

By Harry Teh

To have love you must have trust,

To have trust you must have faith, have faith you must have hope.

Because if you do not hope to find the faith to have to trust in love... you will not find it. Hope begins with wanting and allowing yourself the chance to be loved when it knocks on your door. There on, with opportunity comes hope, from faith comes trust, and trust blooms into love.

Two greatest things in life to learn are: to fully love, and to allow oneself to be truly loved in return. That completes the circle of giving and receiving in love. Two important factors to the equation are Commitment and Time. Both parties must be willing to put in full effort to commit and allow it to simmer in time.

Too much or too little of anything is abusive and restrictive. Wisdom behind the loving heart will guide one to know the limits of this middle path.

With love, trust and commitment (effort), there is no need to control.

With understanding and acceptance there is no need to demand.

Love is like a little poison sometimes... too much kills u, too little and it leaves no lasting effect... The right amount works when used like a Chinese medicine where poison (love) is used to defeat another poison (loneliness).

Love like any other thing when suffused with kindness and compassion towards ourselves and towards the ones we intend to share it with will reap good fruits.

Love when seeded with jealousy and mistrust towards ourselves and the ones we intend to share it with will harbour only bad and sour fruits.

Both will reap fruits according to how you sow the seeds. With a warm heart, with a sound mind, with love and care, and a little tenderness dropped in.. And a whole lot of understanding towards each other's needs, these will ensure a fruitful labour.

Simply put... Love like every day was the last day of your life, as we do not know when death would come a-knocking. Love with an open heart, as we would want to be remembered as a kind person when it does come...

Should tomorrow be our very last.. at least let us be remembered as a gentle and tender lover. A kind spirit... and one which trust and honesty rests on our headstones.

Captain Harry Teh

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