Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Quality in Logistic - March special edition

I been fonded by Shopping online!!! Hmmm maybe not me, but my lovely wife....

It is becoming safe, easy, fast, and save

Why I say it S-E-F-S?

Safety can be mean, we eliminate the need to travel, it mean that we eliminate the risk of accident, been robbed and other hazard while shopping.

Easy – I can freely browse the items that we want to shop; especially for electronics items, we need to study the specification. In compare to conventional shopping, we need to browse each shop!

Fast – My experience of purchased airlines ticket, it is really fast. No need to travel to travel agents, wait for them to prints, went to bank to withdraw the money… and many more. Also when I order my IPads, it only takes 3 days!

Save – Of course they are many offered and easy to compare the price online. We can have better deal especially for Hotel reservation. I managed to save almost 30% for most of normal cost.

Sure they are some pitfall of shopping online. But improvement of logistic that includes information and material logistics is significant or exponential.

 The Challenge is how to make

-          LOGISTIC to be more EFFECTIVE AND more EFFICIENT
-          How fast can we adapted it

In these March 2013, I will discuss on important of Logistic in ancient to modern civilization and how it improve the quality of life.


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