Monday, 1 April 2013

Quality of Life - Reduce crime rate in society

Today is my fifth time I am in Vietnam, but first time landed in Ho Chi Minh City (HCM). Normally before I landed to any city, I will do some research on crime rate and modus of operandi.

From the reading, it is quite clear in city the crime rate will be higher. But there is thousand of motorbikes on the road of HCM, but seldom we heard snatch thief like in Malaysia. Just watch this clip from friend fb, even in cafe, there is snatch thief.
(this link maybe working or not)

But when I am in Tam Ky, or Chu Lai area in Vietnam, the house not even closed (not to mention locked or grilled). The family nicely watch TV without worrying people will enter the house. I still remember my village window or door not even have grilled and it always widely open... that maybe backed in 80s. Why there is different in crime rate today???? MOst of our house have big lock, with CCTV somemore, taller gate and fence... and many other security features

The main reason is different in quality of life especially when there is big gap between super rich and super poor. If the quality of life is relatively or almost the same...

- What you have in your house.. is also almost the same on what we have in our house.
- You have motobike, I also have motobike
- I don't have laptop... you also don't have laptop
- I earn $30 .. you also earn about $30

So what is the need to ROBBED or snatch other people belonging... no REASON isn't it

IF you ask me.. what is the best strategy to BALANCE or at least make the gap smaller between SUPER RICH and SUPER POOR.......

Lot of rich people don't like this..

  • We need SUPER EFFICENT TAXING SYSTEM (so that the super rich cannot find the way to run away from tax)
  • We need SUPER TAX for RICH people

Do you how much super rich in...
UK, Sweden, Norway... paying the tax??? Go and search Wilkipedia..
They are rich country and the country that doesn't have external debt...

Of course there are other factors... but for tonight.. that is my insight

Good night... and a have a nice, safe and quality day tommorow....


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