Sunday, 11 August 2013

Kampung Kualiti vs Kampung Kxxxx siri 2 - The URBAN VILLAGE

Kualiti Kedai Kopi

Today, Day 4 of Eids, as usual, we will visit relatives and friends. I have opportunities to visit my friends family at Kampung Skudai Kiri. Amazingly... hmmm surprisingly, look like ....

In first articles, I give opinion which is more relevant to RURAL VILLAGE (Sep 2012). The link as followed:

However this time, we have to move fast to change their quality of life. If not, of course this place will be
-           Social issues
-           Not healthy to raised the family
-           Bad impression to the government
-           Urban poor
-           At the end, this place will become haven to illegal immigrants

The place is so near with PALACE, and also not far from state government. I feel really sad to see this. There is success model for example in Kampung Morten in Mallacca.


Town Planner have to decide, this area will become either residential area, or tourist attraction, or commercial area.
The best is to MIX it all with some core economic activities.


Collaborate with property developer to develop apartment/ or condo. Whoever have the legal entity for the land should  able to build their own house but with some standard. Whoever that don't have any legal entity, will able to stay at the apartment.

Hope all the YBs, Tuanku sould look into this. I have visit other Urban Village before... i.e. Kg Melayu, Gelang Patah, Kampung near to Taman Sutera, Perling.. and I think they are also have the same scenario like Kg Skudai Kiri

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