Monday, 12 August 2013

SHOOTING & DAYLIGHT ROBBERY - Short term measures

Kualiti Kedai Kopi -

We been shock with SEVEN shooting in seven days before celebration of Eids. I also shock with robbery in happen daylight post in youtube yesterday.


 Normally robbery will increase when it is near to celebration i.e 1 month before chinese new year, Depavali or Eids.

Is this quality of life that we are looking at? FEWER CRIMES - BETTER QUALITY

The best short term strategy is to install Mass Monitoring or  CCTV. Even mass monitoring is criticized fro breach of privacy, benefit is more than privacy issues CCTV is one of the best strategies to facilitate enforcer to arrest the suspect faster since most of junction have the live footage of where they go, after the 999 call been made.
Although the presentation of the 2013 budget, more police will be added MEMBER ... more likely we'll find them hanging or MELANGOK @ pondok bit, drink a coffee etc. But when the phone, if there is a case of theft, they would not be able to chase criminals. Similarly, if added to the number of motorcycles, members should be assisted by the electronic spy CCTV controlled by local control center. If not, how are going to find the suspect/criminal.

If there are serious crimes, currret strategy is to have  inconvenient roadblocks and cause a lot of hassle to others.

Among the CCTV strategy:

1. Make sure cost is reasonable. If the price of a quality CCTV (no zoom, face recognition, and night vision) may be more or less RM500 (chicken brand can be $ 200), plus installation charges may not be over RM2000 per unit together with the internet system. WIth effective cost, more CCTV can be installed.

2. CCTV monitor to another CCTV - If anyone is trying to ruin CCTV, CCTV others will record the matter. The ideal place is at a traffic light, cross the street because there with easy 3 CCTV can be installed to monitor the trails of criminals.

3. 24-hour control center - the control center memererlu direct contact with 999 and "ground support". Control center requires energy pooling between police, RTD, local authorities, ATM etc.. New la cost can be reduced. Actually, in terms of HSE even better, placing heated policemen, and rain and smell the smoke shack kat bit tarnished.

4. Proper maintenance - We have to be strong with this. If not this project will become "white elephant"

5. CCTV can also be installed in the cab (or any vehicle), because taxis are constantly running to send clients, while-as a criminal record things that happen. Normally can also have communication with radio or walkie talkie.

Hopefully, with the use of this technology, we can reduce the crime rate. At the same time, we can produce experts in this field especially on technical and monitoring strategy which can produce more quality jobs. Support to the "ground support" can be extended with with the use of air support helicopter  or unmanned aircraft.

QUALITY of view, CCTV is very necessary for the success of the URBAN QUALITY - FEWER CRIMES. CCTV able to increase the quality of our lives.

QHSE Preachers

Edly Ramly

August 12, 2013

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  1. I can't believe it. Few punks and so many people... couldn't they just beat them and save the victims? I'm very annoyed. I don't want to live in this world anymore where so many crimes are taking place and nobody is doing anything about it.

    Arnold Brame
    Health And Safety Training Peterborough