Friday, 26 April 2013

Sharing on Success Factor of ISO/TS16949 Implementation - Study 1

I been auditing ISO/TS16949 since 2003. I observed that the organization are struggling to utilise the system to provide the positive results. A lot of "patch on" in order to maintain the compliance to standard. Why this is happen???

I agreed with the literature review conducted, that main issues is lies on Human Resources.

The main problem is on the TOP MANAGEMENT. Not about commitment as mention in most of the research, but AWARENESS on the standard. This ISO/TS standard is meant for TOP management since there are 2 major clause for them and the title of the standard itself is quality MANAGEMENT system. I observed, if the top management are aware on standard requirements, the system will work smoothly and less patch on since the management already utilised the system in their day to day management.

The second issues is implementor AWARENESS. Seldom, the owner of the process ask WHY the standard required to implement the requirements. All the requirements in the standards have the REASON. Before adopting the requirements, you must always ask or question back WHY, WHY WHY. Once the owner aware on the reason, then they will implement effectively....... not implement because the requirements SAY SO, or the auditor say so.

The results of not aware... the system i.e the procedure is been develop so so so  COMPLICATED until they even know how to implement it. Then 1 or 2 week before the audit, they start to be busy in preparation for the external audit.

In order to succeed in ISO/TS implementation, follow this 3 steps of A - S - U


STEP 2 - SIMPLIFIED the system

STEP 3 - UTILISED the system to become DAY to DAY activities


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