Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Innovations - How to begin? My opinions

Before we talk how to begin.. Let view how it begin in America...

The 3 famous name to begin are:


Rockefeller are famous for Standard oil company that force to be break under anti monopoly in 1911. He innovate the use of kerosene in order to light up and heat up the night. Most of the house required kerosene that make him one of the biggest empire at his time.

Then JP Morgan, he is the intelligent finance i.e finance the Panama canal and Edison electric, that later become competitor for Rockefeller.

And Carnegie, steel mill.

After that, Henry FORD will be the model.

Innovation BEGINS... Harley and Davidson, Hersheys and many more...

Many of us will think about education system... but I think what we need is...

1. Strong financial institution like JP morgan in early 1900. They must able to identify potential and prospect project. Project that help to build the nation

2. National ANCHOR Industries - i.e. Standard Oil (Rockefeller) or Petronas in Malaysia. The anchor must able to invest in the need of industries and minimised selling the crude oil only. Focus on finish product.
- Palm Oil can be consider as anchor and develop more product/ or semi finish product that required by industries i.e. Glycerine, emulfier and many more.
- Rubber?
- Food Industries

Then let this Financer and Anchors promote the innovation....
They have the money, they have the expertise and they can give back to society... Rockefeller give back to America more than US100billions (today value).. for education etc

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