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Quality Audit - The ISSUES

Issues in quality audit

FAIL to conduct effective audit ... so what is consider as effective audit?

FAIL to measure the impact or result from quality audit.

Quality audit has been criticized for not deliver added value to organizations. Since organization undergo series of audit, audit has been regarded traditionally as “added cost” activities (Hepner, Wilcock and Aung, 2004) and fail improve the organization performance. The cost in auditing including the audit fees; time; and resources required to conduct audit for internal audit. The additional cost included the cost to entertain the external auditor; consultancy cost with the expert in preparation for the audit or to reply with the audit finding, and many other intangible cost incurred due to quality audit. 

To date, empirical evidence to prove that audit provided positive return subjected to little research and normally presented with single case study. In order to change that perception on quality audit, quality audit should focus toward improving the organization performance such as product quality, reduction of waste, improve service and delivery and cost reduction (Williamson and Rogerson, 1996). Lack of available literature of standard on effectiveness of QMS audit is appalling (Berkmahagen, Berg, Karapetrovic, & Willborn, 2004). Beckmerhagen et al. argue that most of current literatures discuss more on effectiveness of QMS not the audit itself. The need to study on effectiveness of the audit is required to ensure the audit will be regards as a necessary tools in performance improvement.

There numerous standard published on how to implement quality audit i.e. ISO19011, ASQ quality audit handbook, and ISO17021. However the standard did not describe the issues in the organization that implement the quality audit. Appallingly due to little description of the issues on implementation of quality audit, the quality audit implement by the organization was found to be little help to the organization to continually improve and adapt the best practice in their operation.


Value can be defined into fur factors which are quality of product, quality of services, cost and time.

In order to increase the value of quality audit, the results should be higher than the implementation cost.


However the issues of quality audit lies into two major issues which were: failure to conduct effective audit and failure to measure the impact or result from quality audit. 


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Edly Ramly
18 Oct 2012

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